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New megaAVR® MCUs

8-bit MCUs built for Real-time Control with Core Independent Peripherals

The megaAVR® MCUs broaden the effectiveness of real-time control systems with a combination of intelligent hardware peripherals alongside the low-power capacity of the AVR core. Each of the ATmega4809, 4808, 3209, and 3208 offer individualized options for pin-counts, packages, and memory. Each includes a high-speed ADC and easy-to-configure Core Independent Peripherals, making the megaAVR family optimal for use as companion MCUs for complex microprocessor-based systems, or as standalone processors in command-and-control environments.


Engineered for Real-time Control

Modern control applications utilize MCUs to increase their performance, while making them more efficient and reliable.  The new megaAVR® devices take the concept further with a peripheral set designed to decrease system response time and increase reliability, while at the same time reducing overall code footprint, validation time, and system development cost.

Getting Started - Atmel START

Significantly reduce your development time with START -- our intuitive, web-based graphical configuration tool for embedded projects.  While you navigate through the easy-to-use interface, START generates factory-validated C-code to help you get your design started correctly.  Get started today at start.atmel.com

ATmega4809-XPRO Evaluation Kit

The ATmega4809-XPRO Evaluation kit is the ideal platform for rapid prototyping with our new megaAVR® MCUs.  The USB-powered kit features an on-board programmer/debugger that seamlessly integrates with Atmel Studio, along with touch buttons, LEDs, and extension headers for quick setup.  The board also has a MikroBUSTM -compatible socket, allowing you to easily add sensors, actuators, or communications interfaces from Mikroelektronika’s extensive library of click boardsTM.

Building Blocks for Real-time Control

Key Attributes

  • Internal 20MHz oscillator
  • Up to 48KB of FLASH memory
  • Up to 16-channel, high speed 10-bit ADC
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) with SCAN
  • 16-bit Real Time Clock
  • Configurable Custom Logic peripheral
  • 6-channel Peripheral Event System
  • Analog Comparator with scalable reference input
  • Configurable, internally generated Reference Voltage
  • UART / SPI / dual-mode I2C
  • Available with up to 41 I/O
High-Speed ADC

True 10-bit resolution and conversion speeds of 115,000 samples per second (ksps) ensure accurate and timely analog signal acquisition.  Triggering and notifications can be transmitted to other peripherals without CPU intervention, enabling real-time response to system events.

The Peripheral Event System

The Peripheral Event System is a hardware-based connectivity matrix allows the peripherals on the new megaAVR series to communicate with one another without involving the core CPU.  This functionality can be used by designers to save energy, increase determinism in control loops, or both.  Most importantly, the Event System is easily configured with our free software tools, helping decrease system validation time.

The Configurable Custom Logic

The Configurable Custom Logic (CCL) is a highly configurable on-chip module that can be used for a variety of system tasks, ranging from simple digital signal inversion to complex event sequencing.