KleerNet™ Wireless Audio Interoperability Platform

Seamless Wireless Audio Connectivity Across Brands

KleerNet is a complete hardware and software solution that enables wireless audio in home and portable CE products and features interoperability across products and brands. KleerNet-compatible products allow users to recognize and pair with other KleerNet products to access and stream multiple music sources, speakers or headphones, creating a versatile and comprehensive platform. Microchip has leveraged seven generations of our proven, DARR high-performance wireless audio technology, successfully deployed in many consumer products worldwide, with extensive application software development to create the robust and interoperable KleerNet application.

The KleerNet software platform provides high-quality, uncompressed, low-latency, multi-channel wireless audio that supports a wide variety of applications in the PC, gaming and home audio markets. Reference modules are readily available in multiple form factors to simplify system integration and product development. The same transceiver module can be used as either the source (transmitter) or speaker (receiver), depending on the software configuration. An SDK and graphical user interface reference package for PCs is also available, enabling simple software implementation and system development for PC audio streaming applications.

  • Home Theater Systems
  • 5.1 and 7.1 Speaker Systems
  • Soundbars and Sub-woofers
  • Headsets and Headphones
  • Gaming Headsets
  • Wireless Rear Speakers
  • Remote Controllers
  • PCs and Media Devices
  • Televisions