Analog Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors are useful in thermometer circuits, temperature compensation applications as well as a wide array of general purpose replacements for older thermistor technology.

Choose among:

Voltage Output

  • ±0.5°C typical temperature conversion accuracy
  • Operating current as low as 35µA
  • 2.5V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range
  • Available in 6.25mV/°C and 10mV/°C linear temperature slopes
  • Small 3-lead SOT-23 packages

Temperature Switch

  • ±0.5°C typical threshold accuracy
  • Operating current as low as 40µA
  • 2.7V to 18V available supply voltages
  • Programmable hysteresis for TC07/6501/6502/6503/6504
  • Dual trip-points for TC620/621/623
  • External temperature sensor for TC621
  • Small SOT-23, MSOP and SOIC packages

Serial Output

  • ±0.5°C typical accuracy
  • Operating current as low as 200 µA
  • 2-wire SMBus compatible interface
  • 3-wire and 4-wire SPIâ„¢ compatible interfaces
  • Standby mode for power savings, (as low as 0.1 µA)
  • High temperature resolution (0.0625°C to 1°C)
  • Fast temperature conversion times
  • Wide temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Small SOT-23, MSOP and DFN packages

DC Fan Controllers and Fan Fault Detectors Comparison Chart

  • Temperature proportional fan speed control
  • FanSenseâ„¢ technology protects against fan and system failure and eliminates need for 3-wire fans
  • Low operating current

Closed Loop Fan Controllers

  • Adjusts to reach target fan speed
  • Good for aging fans, blocked air paths, and dust build up
  • Built-in Fan ramp rate and Spin-up Control
  • Minimizes acoustic annoyances in fan speed
  • Most come with integrated temperature measurement
  • Multi-zone Control- up to 4 temps can control one fan
  • 8 entry lookup tables

Sensor Conditioning ICs

  • Supported Thermocouple Sensor Types:
    K, J, T, N, S, E, B, T, R
  • Integrated error correction
  • Integrated Cold-Junction Compensation
  • Miniature packaging
  • Integrated Low Power Modes
  • Integrated Digital Filtering
  • User Programmable thermal alerts
  • Low Power Consumption