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Microchip's worldwide network of technical sales and support professionals can be reached within 200 miles of every major metropolitan city in the world.

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If you find errors in documents that you want to report, please direct them to technical document team.

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Occasionally a typo may slip through and be displayed online. We value our attention to quality and will make every effort to correct any mistake pointed out to us. Please send all typos and any other problems on the website to

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To access Microchip's knowledgebase, community forums or submit SUPPORT TICKET REQUESTS to our engineering support team, please go to

Microchip employs highly trained staff of Field Application Engineers (FAE), Corporate Application Engineers (CAE) and technical consultants. To provide our customers with the most efficient technical support, questions should be first directed to the customer's local Microchip distributor. Most of Microchip distributor offices have FAEs certified on Microchip's products. Additional technical help is available through the sales representative, our local Microchip FAEs or CAEs.

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