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2013/07/21 02:44:30
hi at all,
so about UARTx and 250 all its ok, i can send a string from pic to PC with RTS/CTS, if i send a char from PC to pic happen a strange thing a char its received and i can show on lcd but the isr UART routine pass two time for a one char received so in this way always i receive a char and something other....the same it happen if i send a string like: PC=>32 (6chars) and i have on lcd P#C#=#>#3#2# (12chars)!
char p[64];
char *ricevo=p; 
void __ISR(_UART1_VECTOR, ipl2) IntUart1Handler(void)
                INTClearFlag(INT_SOURCE_UART_RX(UART1));// Clear the RX interrupt Flag
                passaggi++;  // say me how many times it enter here
   if(UART1GetErrors() & (_U1STA_OERR_MASK | _U1STA_FERR_MASK | _U1STA_PERR_MASK)) // handle an error on U1
                UART1ClearAllErrors();                                                            // handle error...
                passi++;                                                                            // Say me if an error occur
this function seem doesn't works at all:
getsUART1(1024,buffer,50);                                                            // feed buffer
anyone can help me?
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Re:pic32mx250+uart/2 2013/07/21 04:15:18
Read the received byte before clearing the interrupt flag. (Also wrong forum, this is not an XC32-related question.)
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Re:pic32mx250+uart/2 2013/07/21 13:43:14
ops.. how can i  change place about this thread? mr green
thank to answer absolutely solved all uart' problem! wink