pic kit 3 firmware

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2012/04/21 01:37:11 (permalink)

pic kit 3 firmware

where i can found firmware update of pic kit 3? also if i try to re-flash the firmware  with pic kit 3 stand alone program (.jam file), after this my pickit hang.
also i receive the message: found 1 firmware suite: latest is version 01.38.51

application version:;
jam version: 01.27.04-05
rs: 01.14.22
ap: 01.13.03-05
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    Re:pic kit 3 firmware 2012/04/22 16:32:22 (permalink)
    Get the most recent MpLabX and the first time it attempts to use the Pickit3, it'll do an update.  I do not know if the most recent Mplab will, since they might not put the firmware updates in that any more.  Mine was done with MplabX, so I don't know what Mplab 8.xx might do or not do.
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    Re:pic kit 3 firmware 2012/04/23 12:39:31 (permalink)
    there seems to be no firmware upgrade, only a first revision.

    pickit 3 sosftware/firmware seems to be some extremely frustrating piece of crap.

    If you work with several computers (Win 7 and XP), which are not synchronized, and use the same Pickit3, as i do, you end up in deep trouble.

    Recovering from Pickit3 malfunctions can end up in days of work, and having several programming devices at hand.
    if >You do'nt: Your fault!

    The software interface, even if it is working decently, is in principle not able to recogince the decice you use.
    In my case 18F126K22, a core device.
    One would assume that the programmer would recognize the device.
    Which it does not.
    Which is silly by definition.
    Microchip-programmers  should know their devices, which have a signature.

    Microchip was not able to lift the usability of PICkit3 to the level of PICkit2, which indicates to me that the PK3 developers are quite inept to even reach this level of PICkit2.
    Which makes me some headscratching as to the ineptitude of the programmers on the level of PICkit3.
    Pickit 3 is sort of an intelligence test, and not of any use to the low-volume-community.
    Buggy like a flee-ridden old dog.
    I am embarrassed.

    The second point:
    Newer chips, like the 18F26k22, which rely on PICklit3, are not supported as they should be.
    Well. basically they are, but not as they should be.
    Microchip is backsteppinng here: Low-volume-users: do not use those chips.
    They are supposed to be for high-volume-costumers.

    This is the lesson I learned.
    Wonder why?

    Programming newer chips with PICkit3 is a minefield, and costs you sleepless nights.
    You have to be prepared for that, as I do.
    Maybe Atmel is better.
    Do n't kow.

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    Re:pic kit 3 firmware 2012/06/20 19:02:27 (permalink)
    I cannot get my pickit3 to work under MPLABX. All the lights are on all the time.
    The problem is that every time I try to program, read, blank check, etc... it shows an error with received code. sometimes it shows that MPLABX cannot communicate with pikit 3... I need some help here as well.  Thanks in advance..
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    Re:pic kit 3 firmware 2012/06/20 19:53:40 (permalink)
    Did you Try a search in the MPLabX forum?
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    Re:pic kit 3 firmware 2012/06/21 04:08:02 (permalink)
    This makes me remind of an old song that says "...strange thing, mistifying, that ...."
    I've been using a Picit3 for more than a year without any kind of problems.
    I work with 2 diferent setups, a laptop with Win7 Pro 64bits and a desktop with Win Vista Home Premium 32bits.
    I have a mix of MPLAB 8.83, MPLAB 8.85, MPLAB-X 1.20 and MPLAB-X 1.10.
    I've used about 10 diferent PICs, from 12F509 up tp 16LF1827, and also the PIC18 mcus from my PIC18 explorer board,.
    Sometimes 3 diferent PICs in the same day (with firmware changes to the Pickit3 AP)
    Some test circuits are powered by the Pickit3, others by external power.
    Well, I could continue, but.....I think you already got the picture.
    And not a glitch at all, either as a programmer or a debugger.
    I can't say exactly the same about the ICD3. :(
    Best regards
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