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2009/08/12 01:19:01
I have designed a PIC32 development board. I have taken the uart_basic demo example code from microchip website. The demo board configures the uart2 to work at 9600 baudrate. I ran the code on explorer 16 board and it works properly, but when i use the same code on my developmet board with only one change i.e. I use uart1 instead of uart2 it is not working.
I am able to receive the data but not transmit it. The U1TXREG shows empty(0x0000) when i debug it .U1MODE register is configured to 0x8000 and U1STA register is configured to 0x1500.
I have done a hardware loop back test( by shorting the RX and TX pins using 1k resistor) on my board and it works properly.
The voltage levels on pin2 and pin6 Max3232 device are 5.6v and -5.6v respectively .
I have not connected the CTS and RTS pins. Is there a problem in that?

product: PIC32MX460F512L
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RE: Pic32 Uart 2009/08/13 19:15:12
Hi EveryOne,
I fixed the issue. The problem was that the PIM module pins are not mapped one-to-one. The U1Tx pin number on the chip is 53 and on the PIM it is 51.
I wonder why michrochip designers would do such a thing.
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RE: Pic32 Uart 2009/08/14 08:50:33
Because they have more than one processor that will work with the board.  It's probably a 1 to 1 mapping on the processor originally designed to work with the board then every added processor has to be mapped slightly differently....
Granted I don't know this to be the right answer.. but seems to make sense, hu?
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RE: Pic32 Uart 2009/08/14 23:12:32


Yeah u r right.. Just checked the PIC24FJ128GA010 datasheet after posting the message here. And on this particular PIC The U1Tx pin number is 51.