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2018/08/21 13:57:25 (permalink)

Invoking Programming via C#

I am attempting to program a large quantity of PIC micro controllers by attaching a PICkit3 to a 3 axis table, and creating connection with the PIC with pogo-pins. But, since I can automate the movement of the 3 axis table to move to the next PIC at a certain point by using C#, I would also like to use the same C# program to invoke the programmer and program the device once its coordinates are reached. Has anyone tried to do anything like this so that a user does not have to click "program" for every device, they can just set the program to run and then come back when it is done?

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    Re: Invoking Programming via C# 2018/08/21 14:10:59 (permalink)
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    Maybe you can add a linear actuator to push the button on a Pickit3 configured in "programmer to go" mode.

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    Re: Invoking Programming via C# 2018/08/21 14:20:11 (permalink)
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    or attach wires to the button pads for a software controlled switch.
    I have to say, this seems like an excessively complex and potentially error prone method of using in a "production line" a programmer that the manufacturer refuses to call a "production" programmer. Seems a lot cheaper and more reliable just to assemble the boards with chips preprogrammed from Microchip. And if you are concerned that the code might change, buy them preprogrammed with just a bootloader and use a serial download. Can certainly implement that in C#. I did.

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    Re: Invoking Programming via C# 2018/08/21 20:11:47 (permalink)
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    You can invoke pk3cmd command line utility, which is installed along with IPE.
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    Re: Invoking Programming via C# 2018/09/02 22:25:03 (permalink)
    I just you to use IPECMD executable and invoke the process from your C# application,
    More help available in MPLABX installed directory,  "X:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLABX\v5.05\docs\Readme for IPECMD.htm"
    ipecmd -p18f458 -tppk3 -fd:/yourHexFile.hex -m 
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