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2017/12/28 12:45:17 (permalink)
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Bug Reporting and Tracking.

Dear Microchip Harmony Developers.
We get it that bugs happen.  we are developers just like you. We understand it is not possible to deliver a framework of code that will work for everybody in every situation.  We are demanding, but also realistic.      In our use of harmony, we bend it, twist it, and probably use it in ways that it wasn't ever intended, and find edge and corner cases that cause issues.   Sometimes these are because we don't' understand the code, but other times it is because ( shock horror ) the humans who wrote and reviewed the code have left a bug. 

More often than not, in discovering that there is a bug in our project code, we've had to figure out what the bug is, and our experience is that 95% of the effort dealing with a bug, is locating it. 5% is fixing it.    Our fixes may not be 'stock standand' or even compliant with the way that harmony is written but they solve our problems.

Becuase we are helpful folks, and we want to see Harmony advance and become more feature rich, we want to be able to report these fixes, and if we can provide a fix ( or at least some clues as to how to fix it ).    

Its so dissapointing that when we have located a bug in a version of harmony, that when the next version comes out that the bug is still there.  However its more annoying that other than to actively hunt through all the code,  ( and potentially test it ) to find out if the bug is still there.     Its annoying when the first thign you have to do, is look at all your old patches and figure out if you have to apply them to the new code.     

If the bug can't get fixed for a release then we are resonable, we get time pressure.  Oddly we have the same thing.    But its made worse by leaving us in the dark on what has been fixed and what has not been fixed.

Logging bugs via Microchip Support is fustrating to say the least.   The folks there, are trying their very best i'm sure, but it seems that things just go into a black hole! 

There are plenty of good tools, ( bugzilla, github ) etc that can provide the functionality of bug reporting..  We can log a bug, the developeres can acknowldge it as a real bug or not, then when it gets fixed, information about that fix can be logged.  It woudl save everyone so much time!

I do appreciate that there needs to be some kind of prefiltering.   That bit I'm not sure how to solve.  How you make sure that 'bug reports' are actually about bugs, and not support issues, where someone does not understand how the code works. Somtimes its not clear.

As end consumers of Harmony we have a lot to offer,  and we could help propell Harmony light years ahead very quickly if MC could just allow us to help.  You'd build an ecosystem that is about 'us',  rather than 'us' and 'them'.  Powerful. Harmonic even.


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