Hot!what would you do with a dual core dspic?

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Re: what would you do with a dual core dspic? 2018/08/02 15:05:47 (permalink)
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Re: what would you do with a dual core dspic? 2018/08/07 13:41:54 (permalink)
Well, I'll put this in here in the absence of thinking of anywhere else to put it.
Investigating how to connect up an LCD display I discovered there is no PMP or EPMP, so one will have to bit bang the R/W, Dir, CS and Enable lines. Well, I guess the latter three would be bit banged anyway, but it would have been nice to have the R/W strobe automagically.
I guess the lack of a PMP or EPMP is due to the need to be able to switch between master and slave. Also I guess something had to give to get the real estate for the second core ...

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