Hot!MPLABX v4.00, PIC32MZ Disasembly Window incorrect

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2017/10/05 10:15:51 (permalink)

MPLABX v4.00, PIC32MZ Disasembly Window incorrect

The disassembly window in MPLABX v4.0 reports the wrong instructions for PIC32MZ (checked with PIC32MZ2048ECG144 as well as EFG144). The v3.5 disassembly window gives correct results. Switching the device to an MX part in v4.0 gets correct results. The Execution Memory view, however, has the correct disasembly (see below). Also, we are using the v1.44 XC compiler.
Is this a known bug? Is there a configuration setting that I missed or a workaround other than reverting to an earlier version? Where is the best place to post bugs such as this so they can ultimately get fixed?
D.W. Lynn
Disassembly Window contents:
0x9D0001D8: LW SP, -8(SP)
0x9D0001E0: JALX 0x9E83C084
!    while(1){
!        PORTDINV = 0x2;
0x9D0001E4: LDC1 F0, -16506(V0)
0x9D0001EC: EXT V0, V1, 12, 1
!    }
0x9D0001F4: NOP 
Execution memory View contents:
1D00_01D8    27BDFFF8    main    ADDIU SP, SP, -8
1D00_01DC    AFBE0004       SW S8, 4(SP)
1D00_01E0    03A0F021        ADDU S8, SP, ZERO
1D00_01E4    3C02BF86        LUI V0, -16506
1D00_01E8    24030002        ADDIU V1, ZERO, 2
1D00_01EC    AC43032C       SW V1, 812(V0)
1D00_01F0    0B400079        J 0x9D0001E4
1D00_01F4    00000000        NOP


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    Re: MPLABX v4.00, PIC32MZ Disasembly Window incorrect 2017/10/05 10:38:19 (permalink)
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    Yes, this is a known issue.
    Release notes MPLABX-2887
    No fix in sight.
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