Microchip Technology Inc

DT-USB5734 Development Board

Part Number: dt-usb5734

The DT-USB5734 is Microchip’s latest Smart hub design that demonstrates the ease and simplicity of designing in USB Type-C™ connectors around Microchip’s newest 4 port, USB3.1 Gen1 Smart Hub - the USB5734. In addition to the USB Type-C interface, the USB5734 Smart Hub has the ability to expand the reach of the USB host by providing a non-USB bridging “port” to Industry Standard I2C, SPI and UART peripherals. Note that our UART interface will actually appear as a USB5734 COM Port! The DT-USB5734 also highlights Microchip’s Port Power Controllers that support up to 45W of DC power and a set of LED indicators letting the user know the orientation of the downstream USB Type-C cable.

    • USB5734 in a 64-pin QFN RoHS compliant package
    • USB 3.0 compliant (SS, HS, FS, and LS operation)
    • Two downstream USB-C ports, and two USB3-A ports
    • Four downstream ports enabled for battery charging:
      • Two USB3-C ports – 3A maximum per port
      • Two USB3-A ports – 1.5A maximum per port
    • Microchip MIC24055 based switching regulator circuit can provide up to 10A at 5V when using a 12V 60 watt minimum power supply
    • Microchip UTC2000 USB Type-C CC pin interface for determining USB-C cable orientation and switching on VBus and VConn power
    • Up to 9A total battery charging current when using a 12V, 60 watts minimum power supply
    • Operates from a single 12VDC external power supply
    • USB to Serial bridge with on board RS-232 transceiver and DB9 connector
    • TTL level serial signals available on headers for probing
    • Port Power LED indicators
    • Power LED indicators for on board 5V and 3.3V DC regulators.
    • Cable orientation LED indicators for USB-C ports
    • Reset pushbutton with LED indicator