Microchip Technology Inc

Serial Memory Single-Wire Evaluation Kit

Part Number: dm160232

The Serial Memory Single-Wire Evaluation Kit (DM160232) is an easy-to-use interactive user tool to demonstrate the best in class features, functionality and low-power operation of the AT21CS Series Serial EEPROM devices. The evaluation kit is for engineers, developers and decision makers to allow for fast system prototyping using the Single-Wire Interface (SWI) protocol. The Serial Memory Single-Wire Evaluation Kit includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows the user to configure, demonstrate and personalize the single-wire Serial EEPROM device.

 Supported Devices:

            Device Part Number             Protocol             Package Type             Voltage Range              Communication Speed



3-lead SOT23

1.7V - 3.6V

15.4 or 125 kbps

Note: ## indicates one of eight slave address combinations. Please see the corresponding device data sheet for more information about these slave address combinations​​.

     Supports Microchip’s Single-Wire Interface (SWI) protocol (AT21CS Series Serial EEPROMs)
    - Only two pins are needed to access the device (SI/O and GND)
    - Device family is self-powered via pull-up voltage on the SI/O signal

     Variable Socket VPUP Voltage
    - Internal variable voltage from 1.7V to 3.6V

     Includes SWI Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    - Supports Windows®7 or higher operating systems
    - Utilizes USB interface to communicate with user's PC

     Supports USB Base Board firmware update via the FLexible In-system Programming (FLIP) Software Utility
    - For more details on the software utility, refer to FLIP Software Utility

     Contains AT90USB1287, 8-bit AVR® Microcontroller
    - 128KB Flash, 64-pin, USB controller

    The Serial Memory Single-Wire Evaluation Kit includes the following:

    • SWI Socket Board (02-10681)
    • USB Base Board (02-10682)
    • Five AT21CS01-STUM10-T devices, with one installed in the SWI Socket Board's SOT23 socket
    • Important Information Sheet

    For the Serial Memory Single-Wire Evaluation Kit to function properly, the following hardware and software requirements must be met:

    • PC compatible system
    • An available USB port on PC
    • At least 1.8 MB of free disk space
    • Windows®7 or greater Operating Systems(1)
      • Note 1: Testing has been performed on a 64-bit Widows®7 operating system.