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Part Number: atsam4e-ek

The SAM4E-EK board is based on the integration of an ARM® Cortex™-M4 processor with on-board NAND Flash and a set of popular peripherals. It is designed to provide a high performance processor evaluation solution with high flexibility for various kinds of applications

    • SAM4E16 chip BGA144 package with optional socket footprint
    • 12MHz crystal
    • 32.768KHz crystal
    • Optional SMB connector for external system clock input
    • NAND Flash
    • 2.8 inch TFT color LCD display with touch panel and backlight
    • One Ethernet physical transceiver layer with RJ45 connector
    • UART port with RS232 driver
    • USART port with RS232 driver multiplexed with RS485 function with driver
    • CAN port with driver
    • Mono/stereo headphone jack output
    • SD/MMC interface
    • Reset button: NRST
    • User buttons: WAKU, TAMP, scroll-up, scroll-down
    • QTouch?? buttons: Left, Right and Slider
    • Full-speed USB device port
    • JTAG/ICE port
    • On-board power regulation
    • Three user LEDs
    • Power LED
    • BNC connector for ADC input
    • BNC connector for DAC output
    • User potentiometer connected to the ADC input
    • ZigBee connector
    • PIO connection interfaces (PIOA, PIOC and PIOD with 32 bits, PIOB with 16 bits, PIOE with 6 bits)
Please check the following related dev tools also.
Atmel QTouch Library

QTouch Studio 4.3.1

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