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ADM00615 - MCP9902 Remote Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board

Part Number: adm00615

The MCP9902 Temp Sensor Evaluation Board provides the means to demonstrate all of the MCP9902 features, and allows a  user to view and modify registers. A user may plot the temperature of the two temperature channels and set alert temperatures associated with those channels. LEDs indicating status information and test points are included to enable system voltages monitoring, using a voltmeter or an oscilloscope. The board requires only one universal serial bus (USB) connection to power the board. The USB-to-SMBus bridge regulates the +5V USB power to +3.3V used by the MCP9902 and other evaluation board circuitry.

    The evaluation system is comprised of the MCP9902 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board and the Chip Manager application. The MCP9902 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board has the following features:

    • Headers for connecting an external diode or CPU/GPU
    • Resistance Error Correction verification using an on-board potentiometer
    • USB-to-SMBus bridge for power and communications

    The user can perform the following operations using the Chip Manager:

    • Viewing and changing register values
    • Saving settings of all registers, allowing for quick configuration at a later time
    • Graphing of any register
    This MCP9902 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board kit includes:

    • MCP9902 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board (ADM00615)
    • Supplied USB mini connector cable
    • Important Information Sheet
    To use the MCP9902 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board, the following are required:

    • A PC running the Microsoft® Windows® operating system
    • A display resolution of 800x600 or larger, for viewing several windows
    • An available USB port