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The ATF15xx Conversion Utility helps in converting POF files to JEDEC files.

POF-to-JEDEC File Conversion Utility Version 4.45. It is a Windows software tool that converts Altera POF files to JEDEC files for the ATF15xx CPLDs. Supports all packages and speed types for ATF1500/A, ATF1502AS/ASV, ATF1504AS/ASV, and ATF1508AS/ASV. To install, unzip this file into a TEMP folder and double-click on the WINPOF2JED45.EXE file.


Title Description DL
 Application Note
 ATF15xx Power-On Reset Hysteresis Feature  Provides details of the ATF15xx CPLD Power-On Reset (POR) Hysteresis programmable feature.


 ATF15xx Product Family Conversion  This Application Note will act as a guide in converting the programming output file from comparable industry standard CPLDs (.POF file) to the Microchip ATF15xx Programming file (.JED) without any functionality or performance loss. pdfzip_icon
 ATF15xx CPLD Family Overview  Describes the Microchip ATF15xx Family of Complex Programmable Logic Devices and Microchip's Logic Doubling architecture that allows PLD designers to pack in more logic per macrocell than typical PLDs.


 PLD Design Software Overview  An overview of the design software tools for Microchip SPLDs and CPLDs


Supported Devices:
ATF1500A, ATF1500AL, ATF1502AS, ATF1502ASL, ATF1502ASV, ATF1504AS, ATF1504ASL, ATF1504ASV, ATF1504ASVL, ATF1508AS, ATF1508ASL, ATF1508ASV, ATF1508ASVL