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 Linear Low Dropout (LDO) Regulators

Choosing the right linear regulator is critically important. Power management is vital in a world driven by smaller devices reliant upon batteries that require efficient power consumption and precision.

Microchip's linear low dropout LDO regulators feature ultra-low quiescent current, ultra-low dropout voltage, ultra-high ripple rejection, very accurate output, fast transient response, wide selection of packages and wide input voltage range.

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LDO Features

  • Output currents range from 10mA to 7.5A with multiple outputs
  • Wide selection of packages from 1x1mm DFN packages to TO-263
  • Ultra-low dropout voltage of 40mV at full load
  • Ultra-high ripple rejection ratio of 90dB+
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Single output of regulated voltage of your choice of fixed or adjustable output.
Multiple output of regulated voltage of fixed output.
LDO with low pass filter in one package for high PSRR for various frequency ranges.
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