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Smoke Detector

Early warning is the key to escaping a house fire. Interconnected smoke detectors increase the likelihood that all occupants in a home will hear an alarm regardless of where the fire originates. Adding a wireless connection to smoke detectors enables additional features that increase safety and convenience. Examples include: automatic notification sent to fire department, easily retrofit existing installations, remote notifications of alarm event, and low battery notifications.

Microchip offers a family of low power smoke and CO detector devices.

Communications Configuration

Complaint with 802.15.4 Microchip’s robust Sub-GHz wireless technology is capable of traveling through walls in a home or office. This allows the gateway to be placed anywhere in the home or office and still have a reliable connection to Sub-GHz nodes placed throughout the home or office. Using Microchip's MiWi™ protocol stack you could create a mesh network of up to 8,000 nodes that allow up to 64 hops. This is ideal for low power, low data rate applications that are cost sensitive.

For more information visit http://microchip.com/miwi

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