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In today's vast interconnected world the need to provide greater security within a customer's product or system is quickly becoming a standard requirement. Security requirements vary considerably from one application to another. In order to prevent unauthorized entry, theft of software/hardware intellectual property, data or communications services. One of such system is access control to building. Microchip brings together both Cryptographic and Non-Cryptographic devices to build a total solution.

Communications Configuration

Microchip has a broad portfolio of ultra-low power 802.11 solutions that are suitable for embedded applications. These fully-certified surface mount Wi–Fi® modules allow designers to quickly and seamlessly add internet connectivity to their applications. The modules' small form factor, rich features, and ultra-low power make them perfect for mobile wireless applications such as asset monitoring, sensors, and portable battery operated devices.

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LED 1-4
Power State LED
Buttons Input
Temperature Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Ambient Light/
Proximity Sensor

External Memory (Optional)

WiFi module