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Leak Sensor

One of the most common home insurance claims is for water damage caused by in home leaks. Common causes of leaks are frozen pipes, cracked filters and broken lines. Imagine waking to inches of water in your kitchen, what a nightmare. By adding connected leak sensors, the cost of a leak can be reduced or even avoided all together. Microchip has the solutions, know-how and partnerships to help you successfully add connectivity to your products. 
Communications Configuration

Complaint with 802.15.4 Microchip’s robust Sub-GHz wireless technology is capable of traveling through walls in a home or office. This allows the gateway to be placed anywhere in the home or office and still have a reliable connection to Sub-GHz nodes placed throughout the home or office. Using Microchip's MiWi™ protocol stack you could create a mesh network of up to 8,000 nodes that allow up to 64 hops. This is ideal for low power, low data rate applications that are cost sensitive.

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Leak Sensor

External Memory