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Irrigation System

Agriculture farming in the face of electricity shortage, water shortage, pest control, tough weather conditions and things can be made easier now with Solar powered Irrigation systems that measure, controls, conserve and cultivate. Farmers can now see if their irrigation systems are working, measure soil moisture, temperature using wireless connectivity and taking weather forecasts through internet into account Irrigation system can make critical decisions about where and when to water, fertilize, pesticide the plant.

The system includes electricity generation using solar, driving water pump, interfacing with sensors, wireless remote monitoring and controlling. Microchip offers various Digital Signal Controllers for solar power conversion and Motor control.

Communications Configuration

Irrigation System – Sub-GHz







The LoRa® RF platform is a 2-way wireless solution that offers long-range communication with extremely low power requirements. With a range of greater than 10 miles and battery life of up to 10 years LoRa is an ideal solution for industrial sensor networks.

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Block Diagram - Irrigation System

Water Pump
Moisture Sensor
Temperature Sensor

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