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Intelligent Power Integration: Digital Control

Full digital control replaces the standard analog design and also provides the power management functions of Levels 1-3 integration. The power supply regulation function is directly controlled by the digital circuits on the processor and the software running on the processor. The full digital solution allows the designer to employ techniques that are not possible with the analog solution, including proprietary digital compensation algorithms and non-linear control techniques. The full digital solution enables a customized response to power input change or load change events, which can lower system cost and increase system efficiency. Microchip's 16-bit dsPIC DSCs enable the Level 4 solution. Feedback from the power supply is obtained using high-speed ADCs. The power supply is controlled using specialized high-speed PWM peripherals. The PWM module can directly drive all popular power supply topologies and the CPU core allows digital compensation algorithms to be executed quickly. dsPIC DSCs can be used for various power conversion and power control applications, and they offer higher power density, lower system cost, improved reliability, and lower manufacturing and maintenance cost.

Intelligent Power Integration


Level 4 Integration Examples

PFC with Advanced Digital Control

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is essential in higher wattage power supplies to reduce harmonic contents, system losses and radiated emissions. In this example, the dsPIC DSC simplifies implementing Boost-PFC algorithms with the Average Current Mode Control technique. The current signal is calculated digitally by computing the product of the rectified input voltage, the output of voltage error compensator and output of voltage feed-forward compensator. Implementing the digital PFC function uses little of the DSC resources, leaving plenty of additional capability to perform the rest of the primary side control.

PFC with Advanced Digital Control


AC-DC Conversion with Complete Digital Control

Are you facing challenges in designing an efficient, reliable, cost effective AC-DC power supply with advanced features? Our family of dsPIC DSCs can help optimize design cycles effectively. The high-speed PWM module with multiple advanced operating modes helps implement various advanced conversion stages such as PFC;, phase shift, zero voltage, transition converter with full-bridge conversion and synchronous rectification and multi-phase buck converters. Our high-speed ADC can be triggered on an edge of the PWM to sample the various voltages and currents for high speed processing. The high-performance CPU helps in implementing advanced PID digital control loops and compensators in software.

AC-DC Conversion with Complete Digital Control


Full Digital DC-DC Conversion

The dsPIC33FJXXGS dsPIC DSC in power efficient and highly integrated DC-DC converters dynamically controls different power stages. High-speed ADC, PWM and comparators work together without using much CPU bandwidth. Faster digital control loops and compensators can be executed using a high-performance DSP engine. Advanced features such as dynamic load response, protections, sequencing, remote control and communications can also be implemented.

Full Digital DC-DC Conversion


Digital Power: Quick Reference Table

Application Types

  • Power conversion
  • Power control and management
  • Lighting
  • Power metering and protection

Digital Power Applications

  • Power factor correction
  • AC-DC conversion
  • DC-DC conversion
  • Intelligent battery chargers
  • Inverters & UPS
  • Telecom power supply
  • High intensity discharge lighting ballast
  • LED lighting control
  • Automotive interior lighting


  • PID control of SMPS performance, such as output voltage and current
  • In-rush current control
  • DSP implementation of feedback filter, error amplifier
  • Topology and mode control

Monitoring & Communication

  • Input/output current
  • Input/output voltage
  • Temperature
  • SM Bus & customized communication protocols on UART, SPI & I²C

Features Possible

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 features
  • Loop filter response based on digital filter techniques
  • Contineous variable loop filter responses
  • Non-liner response characteristics
  • Fast acquisition functions
  • Thermal compensation and end-of-life prediction
  • Higher level of IP protection
  • Self calibration

Analog Access Requirements

Tabs / Intelligent Power

Development Tools

Microchip's Digital Power devices with intelligent peripherals enable customers to design intelligent power supplies with higher efficiency and optimum performance at lower cost. Microchip provides its customers an additional value by cutting down their time-to-market with reference designs, hardware development tools and ready-to-use, royalty-free software.

MPLAB® Starter Kits

Starter KitsStarter kits contain a device with demonstration hardware and software, an integrated debugger and a copy of MPLAB® IDE, allowing a designer to quickly evaluate a silicon and software solution.

Digital Power Starter Kit - Allows the user to easily explore the capabilities and features of the dsPIC33F GS Digital Power Conversion family

Reference Designs & Development Boards
Software Tools

Development and Evaluation BoardsThe MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a single tool chain supporting all PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers.

MATLAB blockset

MPLAB® IDE - Single Integrated Development Environment supports all PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs

MPLAB® XC Compilers - Full featured MPLAB® XC Compilers with free downloads available

3rd Party RTOS - RTOS supporting Microchip PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs

Software Tools - Supplemental software tools for 16-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs


Development and Evaluation BoardsThe debuggers and programmers work across all PIC® MCU platforms, are USB powered and are fully integrated with MPLAB® IDE with features ranging from basic debugging to advanced emulation capability.

MPLAB® REAL ICE™ - Next generation high speed programmer and debugger with optional LVDS interconnect. The MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator enables connectivity to AC and High-voltage applications not referenced to ground.

MPLAB® ICD 3 - Cost effective high speed programmer and debugger

PICkit™ 3 In Circuit Debugger/Programmer - Low cost programmer and debugger

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