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Intelligent Power Supply Integration Levels

Level 1 Intelligent Power Integration: On/Off Control

At Level 1, electronic intelligence augments a standard analog-based design. The intelligence provides limited on/off control functions such as start-up sequencing, automatic shutdown and watchdog fault detection functions. More sophisticated solutions can provide logging functions for later failure analysis, remote communication and customized thermal control algorithms. With Level 1 intelligence, a designer can ensure that the power supply has a deterministic response to system fault events.

Level 1 Integration Example

Intelligence can be added to an existing power supply design with minimal modifications. Level 1 integration typically involves monitoring and basic control functions, so microcontrollers which integrate voltage comparators and ADCs are good choices. Additionally, communications peripherals may be required. Microchip's PIC10F and PIC12F 8-bit low pin count and small package microcontrollers with built-in peripherals, such as ADC, PWM and GPIOs, can make the existing analog power supplies intelligent by controlling the output sequencing and monitoring of input/output voltage, current and temperature.

Tabs / Intelligent Power

Development Tools

Microchip's Digital Power devices with intelligent peripherals enable customers to design intelligent power supplies with higher efficiency and optimum performance at lower cost. Microchip provides its customers an additional value by cutting down their time-to-market with reference designs, hardware development tools and ready-to-use, royalty-free software.

MPLAB® Starter Kits

Starter KitsStarter kits contain a device with demonstration hardware and software, an integrated debugger and a copy of MPLAB® IDE, allowing a designer to quickly evaluate a silicon and software solution.

Digital Power Starter Kit - Allows the user to easily explore the capabilities and features of the dsPIC33F GS Digital Power Conversion family

Reference Designs & Development Boards
Software Tools

Development and Evaluation BoardsThe MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a single tool chain supporting all PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers.

MATLAB blockset

MPLAB® IDE - Single Integrated Development Environment supports all PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs

MPLAB® XC Compilers - Full featured MPLAB® XC Compilers with free downloads available

3rd Party RTOS - RTOS supporting Microchip PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs

Software Tools - Supplemental software tools for 16-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs


Development and Evaluation BoardsThe debuggers and programmers work across all PIC® MCU platforms, are USB powered and are fully integrated with MPLAB® IDE with features ranging from basic debugging to advanced emulation capability.

MPLAB® REAL ICE™ - Next generation high speed programmer and debugger with optional LVDS interconnect. The MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator enables connectivity to AC and High-voltage applications not referenced to ground.

MPLAB® ICD 3 - Cost effective high speed programmer and debugger

PICkit™ 3 In Circuit Debugger/Programmer - Low cost programmer and debugger

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