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PIC32 Low Cost Controllerless Graphics: 32-bit Performance, Flexibility, Integration

Microchip's PIC32 line of 32-bit microcontrollers offers up to 252 MHz and high-performance DMA to render graphics directly to displays. This enables PIC32 devices to drive a display without an external graphics controller.

  • Up to 512 KB SRAM as frame buffer
    • Supports WQVGA up to 16 bpp with double buffering
    • Supports WVGA with 16 bpp with external SRAM frame buffer using EBI 
  • Works with any PIC32 32-bit microcontroller

With devices offering up to 2 MB Flash and 512 KB RAM, developers have plenty of space for application code, communications stacks and date buffering. In addition to the graphics capabilities, PIC32 MCUs also have integrated peripherals to USB, CAN, Ethernet, capacitive touch sensing, EBI, SQI and crypto engine.

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