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Quiet-WIRE® - Enhanced EMC

Quiet-WIRE® Patented Technology Meets Rigorous EMC Standards

Quiet-WIRE® patented technology, available on the KSZ8061 and KSZ8567 families, delivers fully programmable, integrated noise filtering to reduce Ethernet line emissions and enhance immunity, enabling designers to meet rigorous EMC standards while operating over low cost unshielded cabling. Fully integrated without need for additional external BoM components, Quiet-WIRE® is ideal for use in any 100BASE-TX Industrial or Automotive Ethernet networking or other applications such as Avionics, Medical or Building Automation, that wish to benefit from superior EMC performance.

Quiet-WIRE® supported Ethernet devices also exhibit significantly enhanced receiver immunity to deliver error free performance in the most stringent noise environments. For extended reach applications Quiet-WIRE® can be employed to increase 100BASE-TX cable distances to 170 meters or more. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with any IEEE802.3 Ethernet specifications, for example IEEE802.af/at Power-over-Ethernet and IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet.

Example Quiet-WIRE® Reduced Line Emissions - IEC61967 quiet-wire-emissions-Lrge
Example Quiet-WIRE® Reduced Line Emissions - IEC61967 quietwire-performance-Lrge

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