Microchip Technology Inc

Media Local Bus: The Standardized on-PCB, Inter-Chip Communication Bus for MOST® Based Devices

  • Simplifies hardware and software application development of MOST network components
  • Enhances reusability of hardware and software applications
  • Established standard for accessing MOST
  • MediaLB device interface implementation (DIM 2) is available through a royalty-free Microchip license agreement.
  • Provides low-cost and low-pin count interface
  • Supports data transfer from a single MediaLB controller (INIC) to multiple MediaLB devices
  • Supports also data transfer between MediaLB devices
  • MediaLB Interface Test Bench (MITB):
    Full support in developing and testing any MediaLB device interface implementations.
  • MediaLB Analyzer:
    Comprehensive tool solution for analyzing MediaLB communication on your PCB – video tutorials available.  
Media Local Bus (MediaLB) is the standard for seamlessly connecting application processors to the MOST data domain. It's being integrated into a growing number of automotive products:
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