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Temperature Sensors and Fan Controllers

Microchip thermal sensors are tailored to a variety of desired tasks. Analog temperature sensors output voltage interface well with ADCs. Digital temperature sensors, both local and remote, are I2C or SPI compatible. Temperature switches result in on/off logic control. Closed loop fan control includes look-up tables, PID loop control, alert to locked rotors and blocked air path. A majority of the PWM and linear fan controllers feature integrated temperature sensing.

Featured Boards

Tabs / Thermal Management
Reference Designs

Thermal Managment

Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP9600 Thermocouple EMF voltage to degree Celsius with +/-1C accuracy ADM00665 MCP9600
Thermocouple Auto-Zeroed Reference Design MCP6V01RD-TCPL MCP6V01, MCP9800
Thermocouple Reference Design TMPSNSRD-TCPL1 MCP3421, MCP9804
MCP9700 Thermistor MCP9700DM-TH1 MCP6S22, MCP9700
MCP9800 Temperature Data Logger MCP9800DM-DL MCP9800, PIC16F6784, 24LC1025
RTD Temp Sensor TMPSNS-RTD1 MCP3301, MCP41010, MCP6S26, PIC18F2550
RTD Reference Design Board TMPSNSRD-RTD2 MCP3551, MCP9804, PIC18F2550

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