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Microchip Technology Inc

High-Voltage Solutions - MEMS, Piezo & Interface

High Voltage solutions combine features that provide for biasing, signal routing, level translation, and amplification while connecting low voltage control circuits to other high voltage circuits.  Control functions and circuits can vary from simple to complex, from analog to digital circuitry, from FPGAs to microcontrollers.

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Different digital interfaces include simple digital inputs, to complex protocols such as SPI, I2C, with data rates to 10s of MHz. These solutions enable drive, monitoring and control of different loads for a broad range of markets and applications.

Signal routing can vary from simple pass-through to serial-parallel conversion, and can accommodate anything from one to more than a hundred signals.  Voltages supported cover from typically tens of volts to hundreds, with currents typically varying from under 1mA to hundreds of mA.

Functional integration includes features providing for measurement and protection (current, voltage, temperature, other), boost voltage generation, complex control features (s.a. signal linearization, offset management, etc.) and more.  Drive circuitry can encompass anything as simple as a single discrete device, to FET switch arrays, Darlington switch arrays, to amplifier arrays.

MEMS Drive Applications

MEMS-based Laser Beam Steering solutions are finding increasing adoption in different markets and applications. Some key applications are tracking, projection, and scanning as seen in consumer AR/VR devices, Automotive HUDs, Lighting, and LIDAR supported navigation, as well as systems for scanning and imaging in Medical applications.

Microchip is working closely with industry partners and customers to help create leading-edge products to deliver on the promise of this rapidly expanding technology.


Security Solutions


Dynamic Solid State Lighting

LIDAR, HUD, AR/VR Tracking Projection



Medical Applications


Micro Pumps



Analysis, Processing


Micro Fluidics



Analysis, Processing


Print Heads



Organic Material Deposition

Textile, Adv. Materials

Piezo Drive Applications

Piezo-based devices for pumps and actuators have found key use in particular industrial and medical applications, such as micro-positioning and pumps, covering everything from printing to drug delivery solutions.  This technology is now also finding now finding increasing adoption as new materials and devices emerge for haptic technologies, having implications for a variety of markets and applications. The ability to create strong tactile effects for purposes ranging from simple user feedback to ever increasing sophistication in providing an intriguing range of textural effects promises to revolutionize user interaction with our environment.

Microchip is working closely with industry partners and customers to help create leading-edge products to deliver on the promise of this rapidly expanding technology, drawing upon our strong high voltage capabilities and rich mix of Analog / Mixed-Signal and MCU solutions.

Electro-Mechanical Polymer Actuators

AR/VR Peripherals Wearables

LIDAR, HUD, AR/VR Tracking Projection




Active Buttons and Controls

Hybrid Tablets

Enterprise Tablets

Gaming Controls

Industrial Controls


Tablet, Display

Piezo Pumps


Ceramic, Piezo Actuators

Piezo Alarm Sounding


Specialty Applications

Liquid Lens Drive

Machine Vision
Mobile Camera Lens
Medical Imaging
Inventory Management

Electro-Mechanical Relays

Complimentary FET Driver

High Voltage Signal Measurement

Signal Bias/Level Translation

Signal Routing/Bypass Display Drive