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Data Converters

Microchip offers a wide range of low cost data converters like Analog-to Digital converters (ADCs), Digital-to-Analog converters (DACs), digital potentiometers (digipots), energy measurement devices, power sensors, voltage references and voltage-to-frequency converters. All the data converter devices feature low power operation.

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)

Microchip offers a wide selection of ADCs targeting low power and small footprints. Various architectures are available spanning speeds up to 200 Msps with high accuracy options.

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

Microchip’s low cost Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) products feature low power operation with 8-, 10- and 12-bit resolutions. The unique non-volatile memory option allows DAC settings to be saved during power down.

Digital Potentiometers (Digipots)

Microchip offers a variety of low-power, compact devices feature 6 to 8 bits of resolution, 1 to 4 channels,available with both volatile and non-volatile memory. Small footprint and high voltage (36V) options.

Power and Energy Measurement

Microchip’s Energy Measurement and Power Monitoring products enable high accuracy measurement of power and energy for electricity metering and power monitoring solutions.

Power Current Sensors

Microchip’s power and current measurement IC products offer: Measuring dynamic power and longer sampling intervals compared to industry norm, as well as excellent sensors to collect data.

Voltage Reference

Microchip offers several families of series and shunt voltage references. These devices provide a stable reference for data converter applications with low power and high accuracy options.

Tabs / Data Converters
Reference Designs
Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP3421 Weight Scale MCP3421DM-WS MCP3421, MCP6V07
MCP3421 Battery Fuel Gauge MCP3421DM-BFG MCP3421, MCP3422, MCP1702, PIC18F4550
MCP355X Tiny Application Sensor MCP355XDM-TAS MCP3550, MCP3551, MCP3553
RTD Temp Sensor TMPSNS-RTD1 MCP3301, MCP41010, MCP6S26, PIC18F2550
RTD Reference Design Board TMPSNSRD-RTD2 MCP3551, MCP9804

Analog Video Channel