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Our Continued Commitment to the Space Industry

For nearly 30 years, Atmel was recognized for delivering leading-edge and highly integrated technology and solutions to the Space Industry. Microchip is now proud to continue delivering the same high-quality solutions and services customers have come to expect from the Atmel flight heritage Rad-Hard parts.

Fully designed, assembled, tested and qualified in Europe, Microchip's offering of Rad-Hard digital Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) is the go-to solution for your most critical applications.

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Space Multi-Project Wafer (SMPW)

In order to meet the needs of next-generation satellites and launchers, our ASIC platforms include:

  • ATMX150RHA: a mixed-signal strategy with logic, Analog, 5V compatibility,embedded Non-Voltatile Memory (NVM) option, high-voltage option and qualified IPs.
  • AT65RHA: reduction of power consumption, offering a high level of system integration and increased computing power. The device is designed in 65 nm technology, with up to 50 Mgates and more embedded features such as very high-speed serial links.

Benefits of Microchip's Rad-Hard ASICs

  • Digital and mixed-signal ASICs
  • Multiple quality assurance levels: QML-Q/QML-V/ESCC
  • Robust design library of cells and macros
  • The ASIC platform is supported by a combination of state-of-art third-party and proprietary design tools from: Synopsys, Mentor and Cadence.
  • Guaranteed radiation performance
  • Radiation hardening assurance
    SEL > 95 MeV/mg/cm²
  • Configurable RAM compiler, NVM option
  • Specific I/Os including HSSL, LVDS, PCI
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ASIC Overview

Process Bulk CMOS SOI CMOS Bulk CMOS
Feature Size (μm) 0.18 0.15 0.065
Library Digital Mixed-Signal Digital
Gates (equivalent NAND2) 7M 22M 50M
Maximum Toggle Frequency 7.5 GHz 7.5 GHz 30 GHz
Gate Delay @25°C (ps) 40 40 15
Signal I/Os >400 >700 >1,000
Flip-Chip I/O Available N N Y
5V and HV (25/45/65V) Option N Y N
Supply Voltage Core – I/Os 1.8–3.3/2.5V 1.8–2.5/3.3/5V 1.2–1.8/2.5/3.3V
Power Consumption
(nW/gate/MHz) @20% Duty Cycle
<10 <10 <0.5
Analog IPs PLL ADC, DAC, PLL, BG, MUX, COMP... PLL, Temp Sense
RAM Compiler Y Y Y
Rad Hardness
Functional TID (krads(Si)) 300 300 300
Latch Up (MeV/mg/cm2) >95 @125°C* >95 @125°C >60 @125°C
Availability Now Now Now
Qualification ESCC QML, QML-Q, QML-V, QML-V RHA 2016 2017
Qualified wire-bonding hermetic offer
  • CQFP up to 352
  • CLGA/CCGA 329, 472, 625
Qualified wire-bonding hermetic offer
  • CQFP up to 352
  • CLGA/CCGA 329, 472, 625 and 896 with European Columns
  • Dedicated package development on request
Flip Chip hermetric offer

Digital and Mixed-Signal Rad-Hard ASICs


The ATMX150RHA is a mixed-signal ASIC offering high-performance and high-density solutions for space applications. Covering solutions with up to 22 million routable gates, SRAM/DPRAM generators and 32 KB NVM blocks as well as a set of pre-qualified analog IPs, such as PLL, Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs).

Analog Function Main Characteristics
Voltage Regulator Linear 1.8V 50 mA
Linear 1.8V 200 mA
Voltage Reference/Monitoring Bandgap reference
Temperature sensor
Clock Synthesizer PLL 40–50 MHz
RC oscillator 4/8/10/12 MHz
RC oscillator 10 MHz
Signal Conditioning 12-bit ADC
12-bit DAC
Analog multiplexer

Aerospace and Defense FPGA Block Diagram

FPGA Retargeting to ASIC

Retargeting a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to an ASIC means benefiting from the technical advantages of ASICs, such as faster and smaller chips with lower power consumption. It also offers improved reliability and radiation performance. Microchip offers an FPGA retargeting service to reduce your cost and design resources.
  • From RTL code to QML-certified ASIC
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with existing package
  • Optimized replacement cost
  • Low NRE cost due to SMPW management
  • Lower power consumption
  • Full European solution

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