Microchip Technology Inc

Programmable Switch Mode Controller (PSMC)

The PSMC is a high performance 16-bit PWM with 6 configurable outputs that can operate in multiple modes. With a dedicated 64MHz clock and the flexibility to interface to external inputs as well as integrated peripherals / clock sources, the PSMC offers the highest level of advanced PWM control and accuracy in an 8-bit MCU. The PSMC can simplify the implementation of a wide array of applications such as: motor control, lighting, and power supplies.


  • 16-bit PWM with up to 6 configurable outputs
  • Various clock sources: external, system clock, independent 64 MHz oscillator
  • Various input sources: comparators, external pins, other peripherals
  • Blanking control for transient filtering
  • Independent rising/falling edge control
  • Dead band with independent rise and fall control
  • Polarity control/auto shutdown and restart
  • Output Gating – externally control activate/deactivate
  • Flexible PWM output modes

Output Modes/Target Applications

  • Single Phase PWM (+comp)
    • Stepper Motor Control
    • Brushed DC Motor Control
    • Power Supplies
  • ECCP Compatible Full Bridge PWM
    • Brushed DC Motor Control
  • Push-Pull PWM (+Comp Out)
    • Half and Full Bridge Power Supplies
    • Synchronous Drives
  • Pulse Skipping PWM (+Comp Out)
    • High Efficiency Converters
    • Voltage mode Controllers
  • Push-Pull PWM w/4 Full Bridge Outputs (+Comp Out)
    • DC to AC Inverters
    • Class-D Output Drives
    • Induction Motor Drives
  • Variable Freq – Fixed Duty Cycle PWM (+Comp Out)
    • Resonant Converters
    • Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts
  • 3-Phase PWM
    • 3-Phase BLDC motors
    • AC Inverters