Microchip Technology Inc

Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO)

Precision Linear Frequency Generator


  • 16-bit numeric frequency control*
      • 500 kHz max output
  • 20-bit numeric frequency control*
      • 32 MHz max output
  • 0.0001% step size of source clock input frequency
  • Multiple Clock Sources
  • Operation while in low power SLEEP
  • (2) output modes
      • Fixed 50% duty cycle
      • Pulse Frequency Modulation
  • Useable as a general purpose 20-bit timer/counter
  • True linear frequency control
  • Increased frequency resolution
  • Core independent operation
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Title Abstract Recording Date Duration
Using the Numerically Controlled Oscillator This is a self-paced Training presentation that will focus on Microchip's Using the Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) covering NCO Overview, Clock Source, Output Signal Mode, Accumulator and Invrement Registers, Output Control, Reset and Sleep, NCO Example, Application Examples and a Summary with some Additional Resources to get you started. 12/01/11 1.5 hours

Numerically Controlled Oscillator Video Channel