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Angular Timer (AngTMR)

Automatically converts timed based events to degrees with no processing required by the MCU core.


  • Automatically provides phase angle conversion for control of rotational and periodic events
    • Ex. Motor, AC Mains, TRIAC, etc.
  • Converts time based signals to degrees
  • Generates interrupts based on angles
  • Detects missed events
  • Simplified code development
    • Program in terms of degrees
    • Automatically adjusts for frequency changes
    • Simplifies math required


  • Increased accuracy
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced code size
  • Core independent operation
  • Operation while in low power SLEEP
Angular Timer Block Diagram
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Title Abstract Recording Date Duration
Angular Timer Overview The Angular Timer peripheral allows the software designer to interpret repeating signals as an angle measurement vs a time measurement. A repeating signal is converted into a 360-degree-angular representation from which all measurements are based. 12/01/18 1.5 hours

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