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MCP2221 I2C Demo Board

Part Number: ADM00678

The MCP2221 I2C Demonstration Board allows the user to communicate through a PC application to I2C slave devices by using the MCP2221 device as USB-to-I2C Master converter (bridge). The board can also work at the same time as a USB-to-RS232 (UART) bridge.

    • Real-time monitoring and logging of the current and power consumptions of a USB device, using the PAC1710 current, voltage and power sensor
    • Real-time monitoring and logging of the ambient temperature, using the MCP9808 temperature sensor
    • Real-time monitoring and logging of the voltage level recorded by the MCP3221 12-bit analog-to-digital converter 
    • Performing measurements for resistors or capacitors using the MCP2221’s analog-to-digital converter and general purpose input/output pins
    • Configuration and control of up to 8 GPIOs, available from the MCP23008 I/O expander, as well as continuously monitoring the state of the pins (when used as digital inputs)
    • PIC16F1509 configuration to issue multiple warnings, through an RGB LED, when any of the featured readings are outside user-set conditions (such as “measured USB current is above 50 mA”)
    • Storing the above mentioned configuration as well as other, random data in a 24LC128 128-Kbit EEPROM
    • Output voltage level control of the MCP4726 digital-to-analog converter
    • Creating a USB-to-RS232 bridge; alternately, a USB-to-UART bridge connected to the PIC16F1509 microcontroller.
    • 1 x MCP2221 I2C Demo Board
    • 2 x USB-A to USB Mini-B Cable

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