Microchip Technology Inc

Third Party Add-On Boards

The Crypto Authentication SOIC Xplained Pro Starter kit consists of a SAMD21-XPRO and an XPRO SOIC socket board along with Crypto Authentication sample devices.   The board works with Microchip's Crypto Evaluation Studio (ACES) out of the box and can be used for evaluation and development wih CryptoAuthentication Devices.  The kit supports all Crypto Authentication devices including the ATECC608A, ATECC508A, ATECC108A, ATSHA204A and the ATAES132A.  The kit can support I2C Interface devices, Single-Wire-Interface (SWI) devices, and devices with a SPI interface  by setting the appropriate switches on the socket board.   If a different package other than SOIC is required then a different socket board may be ordered and used with the kit.