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Emulators / Debuggers

The J-Link BASE Debug Probe is a USB powered in-circuit debugger supporting PIC32 devices. Supercharge any IDE with this fast debugger. The included SEGGER Flash download technology achieves a performance so fast, it's very close to the maximum speed possible. The debug experience is further improved with a 1MBytes/s download speed to RAM. These speeds are achieved when working under any of the many IDEs which have integrated support for the SEGGER J-Link family, including the MPLAB X IDE. So don't take our word for it; order one today, and find that J-Link is a great tool for flash programming and debugging in development and production environments. 

  • USB Interface
  • 2-wire JTAG Support
  • 4-wire JTAG Support
  • Up to 1.0 MBytes/sec Download Speed to RAM
  • No ROM Monitor/Debug Executive
  • Download to Flash
  • MPLAB X IDE Support
  • GDB Server
  • SDK Available
  • Unlimited breakpoints in flash memory
  • Supports JTAG chains with multiple devices