Microchip Technology Inc

MPLAB ICD 3 comes with a Self-Test board. Please run the Self-Test on your MPLAB ICD 3 before proceeding as the information will be required to complete this process


What device are you working with?

If the devices shows "yellow light" support in your version, often an upgrade to a newer version of MPLAB will provide "green light" support."Yellow light" indicates early release, and later releases may address issues that you are encountering. Check to see the latest version of MPLAB at www.microchip.com/mplab

Are you using a Microchip demo board or your own design?

Microchip demo and evaluation boards have properly designed interfaces for MPLAB ICD 3. Make certain you followed the guidelines for resistors/capacitors on the MPLAB ICD 3 communications connections (in manual and on the poster).

Is the target powered or are you powering from the MPLAB ICD 3?

Best results are with target power, since MPLAB ICD 3 can supply only a limited amount of current.

Are you using a USB hub?

Is it powered? Try using without the hub by plugging the MPLAB ICD 3 USB cable directly into the USB port of your PC.

Are you using the RJ-11 cable shipped with MPLAB ICD 3?

Some people make longer cables, and these can introduce noise or cross-talk. If longer cables are required, you should consider MPLAB REAL ICE with the high-speed option.